About us

About us

Mountain Adventures offers lasting experiences on and off the mountain, in the Himalaya and elsewhere. We believe in enjoying the journey. Our journeys are spread over India, Nepal and Bhutan. We explore new areas, organise treks, expeditions, driving, rafting and adventure holidays.

Mountain Adventures was founded by Percy Fernandez to promote the love of the mountains and spirit of adventure. Exploration and discovery is at the heart of Mountain Adventures. Mountain Adventures closely works with outdoor instructors, local guides, porters and staff who belong to various habitats in the Himalaya in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

We work towards in benefitting local communities commercially and socially. At Mountain Adventures, we follow the adage: shoot only pictures and leave only footprints. We tread softly and carefully on the environment during all our treks.

We spend a lot of time in sensitising our stakeholders on safety on the mountain including altitude mountain sickness.

Any organisation collaborating or working with Mountain Adventures must adhere to outdoor codes of conduct that includes hiring local staff through proper contracts, clear terms and conditions for insurance and wages, load limits and empowerment of women.

The logo was designed by Nazim Iqbal. The site has been designed and will be managed by Kunal Soni, dear friends who share the spirit of adventure. Ajay Vijh provided all support right from the word go and has been a guardian and critic at large for all adventures within and outside.

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Percy Fernandez
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Email: percy@mountainadventures.in